Starleen's  Studio
Starleen's  Studio

Artist Biography
​​Glass is an unruly medium. 
My job as a glass artist
is to sculpt a ​​ two thousand degree substance
that flows like thick honey into objects of beauty.  ​​

To infuse feeling into a material
I cannot touch with my hands is a wonderful struggle that has captivated me for the last 15 years.

My art is constructed through technique execution that has been practiced innumerous times at bench burner torches.  The process cannot
be rushed or the beauty is greatly diminished.  Each molten stroke must be caressed into shape, never forced, and always demanding your undivided attention for the many hours it takes to complete one work of art.  Mistakes often require a total scrap and restart of an object I invested time in.

Yet...  it is my happy madness!​

I adore my journey with sand and fire.  The never ending compulsion to grow and evolve with glass enamors me and I look forward to see where the next 20 years will take me.

To each of you, who have collected my work over the years, know that I am beyond thankful for your support.  I look forward to bringing new designs into your collections for many more years to come.