Starleen's  Studio
Starleen's  Studio

The Bead Gallery

All of these creations are long gone, however, you can browse the studio store to hunt for something that is sure to put a twinkle in  your eye!  Want to know when new beads are ready for purchase?  I list them first on Instagram, then the website, followed by sending out a newsletter.   Sign up for the studio newsletter  to snap up my work fresh out of the kiln!

Floral Bouquet Beads

Gothic Elegance Pendants

The Gothic Elegance series embodies a blend of old European Art Nouveau and modern gothic fantasy art.  Contemporary, yet very sultry and sleek.  Every metallic pendant is truly a unique one of a kind.  Sculptures are born within a live flame without the use of molds. 
They are a marriage of spontaneous momentum and technical skill.

Old World
Venetian Zanfirico Designs

& Millefiori


Bead Sets

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