Starleen's  Studio
Starleen's  Studio


No events scheduled for 2019 as I settle into full time employment.

The years of 26-32 large expo participation are no more, however you will still be able to purchase from a table packed full of product at a few select weekend events moving forward into spring 2020.



Wholesaler's must bring a current copy of their resale certificate for sales tax exemption FOR EVERY SALE MADE.  A business license is NOT valid for sales tax exemption according to state tax laws in ALL 50 states.  You must have your SIGNED sales tax certificate of a business YOU OWN with a valid date shown.  We verify each one with the dept of treasury website for each state.  Unless Starleen has a photocopy she can attach to every invoice, you will need to pay sales tax at the point of sale.  If you permit a photograph to be taken of your resale cert, this is also acceptable.

NJ businesses are required to ALSO REMIT A CURRENT COPY OF THEIR ST-3 in addition to their resale certificate.  Every valid NJ business knows what this form is...

MD businesses must spend a total of 200.00 before you are tax exempt regardless of what state you are making the purchase in, per MD state law.

We commonly here, well vendor so and so does not require this so why do you.  The answer is quite simple.  I am an honest business and all cash / credit sales are recorded and sales tax is remitted against every single sale.  If I am ever audited, I know I will go in with clean hands and valid records.  That is priceless and worth more than making a dishonest transaction.  Vendor Jane Doe might actually be fearful that she will lose a sale, and eats the cost of charging you sales tax ?