Starleen's  Studio
Starleen's  Studio

I am NOT out of business!
However, beads are now
a mostly discontinued product.

My love for glass is as strong as my desire to breathe.  It is just no longer on the bead platform.  Why?  My business is restructuring to allow me the freedom to pursue other artistic pursuits.  Production work has ceased and my attention will return to quality premium creations.  That is where my heart has always been.  

You will still see premium beads pop up in the store once again this fall around September 2019.  It will never be hundreds and hundreds of objects ever again.  Expect to see a dozen top quality works of art listed monthly.

Instagram will be my marketing platform and a catalog of new work will be shown there.  Fresh out of the kiln bead offerings will be shown in the webstore and on instagram.  

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  Thank you for the emails and dozens of contact form submissions received weekly.  I have all of you in constant contact and once I list products for sale, you will get emails. 

I promise!  ~ Starleen