Starleen's  Studio
Starleen's  Studio

Beads will return to the Studio Store 
on September 01,2019

I will pick back up with offering 15-20 monthly premium bead creations this fall and the website will remain firmly intact.  Production work has been discontinued allowing me the much needed time to explore additional artistic mediums and place settling into my full time job as my first priority. I am currently learning lost wax casting and metalsmithing with time left over.  It is a blast.  Why did my priorities shift?  Well, as we are all aware the US bead market has completely collapsed.  Every vendor you no longer see at expo events was presented with the challenge of answering the heart question of whether or not to continue or let it go.   It took me 10 months to understand where my heart is and how I wished to continue.  Creating is in my blood, I will never abandon working with glass.  It is in my heart to continue and I will.  However, it will never take the place of full time employment ever again.  My business will transform into offering finished sterling jewelry in addition to my lampwork placed in sterling settings.

  You will still see a dozen or so premium beads pop up in the store every month.  It will never be hundreds again, however I will still offer a small selection of just beads for your own creative needs. 

Fresh out of the kiln bead offerings will be shown in the webstore and on Instagram.  Follow me to grab first picks!

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  Thank you for the emails and dozens of contact form submissions received weekly.  I have all of you in constant contact and once I list products for sale, you will be notified.  I have kept the website open for a reason!  I will return with not only beads, but hand cast silver!  

Last updated ~ Starleen 5/24/2019